How to catch a bonus in slot machines

Slot machines with bonuses

The section is devoted to the classification of bonus games in various slot machine emulators and video slots. Many varieties of bonus games and examples of gameplay are presented, namely:

  • the bonus on the slot machine is an advantage from all sides,
  • the classification of bonuses in slot machines,
  • the choice of a symbol with subsequent accrual of credits,
  • free spins with a multiplier by selecting symbols,
  • the choice of identical symbols,
  • classic free games with a fixed multiplier,
  • free games with a “floating” multiplier,
  • a selection of symbols from the list with possible bonus symbols,
  • a bonus game with a continuation of the previous one,
  • bonus games one after another with the main prize for winning,
  • and a recommendation where to play for players from Russia and Ukraine.

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  • Slot machines with cash bonuses for registration.
  • Bonus on the slot machine – advantages

To catch a bonus on a slot machine is always luck. In our opinion, it is really possible to win big only during the bonus game. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of plan the slot machine has a bonus.

This can be compared to a lottery ticket of a higher price and with greater chances. If the spins of the reels in the normal mode are ordinary tickets, then when the bonus is dropped, the heart starts beating more often, because these are tickets of a different dignity. Here he is a chance to win back losses and jump into the “plus”. Agree that playing for 500 rubles, catching 15 free games multiplied by 3 is already a great success.

In our opinion, slot machines with bonuses make it possible to assess the current state of the machine: hot or cold.

  • If multiplication by 3 gives a bet of ₽1,500 (500×3) and we have 15 games, then the average payout for the entire bonus game should be about ₽ 22,500 (1,500 x 15).
    If the slot gives significantly more, it means that it is hot and can pay further.
  • If it is near the average value– then it is in normal condition.
  • If it is below average, we advise you to seriously think about changing the game to another one in today’s session.
    Slot machines with a bonus can be different. Let’s try to classify them.

Classification of bonuses in slot machines

Depending on how modern the slot machine program is, it can offer different options for bonus games. We can talk about such simple bonus games as choosing a symbol with subsequent accrual of credits, or we can give an example of the newest Aliens video slot with a three-stage bonus. Moreover, each subsequent step is triggered only if the previous one is passed.

Selecting a symbol with subsequent accrual of credits

Bonus features in slot machines

From three to five special objects corresponding to the theme of the main video slot game appear on the bonus screen. The player chooses one of them, after which the number of credits he won appears on the screen. This bonus on the slot machine does not cause a lot of interest and, as a rule, is presented in outdated slots and emulators.

Free spins with a multiplier by selecting symbols

A set of symbols appears on the screen, choosing which, the player gains free games and a multiplier applied to all winnings during these spins. It is important to choose as many “good” symbols as possible that add games and a multiplier before you choose a “bad” symbol that ends the bonus game. A good example of such games can be Crazy Fruits.

Selecting identical characters

Closed symbols are displayed on the bonus screen of the slot machine. As they are opened, the player chooses several identical ones. If three identical symbols match, you get the amount of credits corresponding to the selected symbols.

Classic free games with a fixed multiplier

If you catch the required number of scatter symbols, you get free games.

  • The games are played at a fixed multiplier. The multiplier can vary from 2x to 10x. Sometimes additional wild symbols are included in bonus spins. An example of such games can be the game Jack Hammer.
  • Free games with a “floating” multiplier
  • The player receives a certain number of free games at the same rate as the round that launched them. Games are activated by the required number of scatter symbols.
  • The difference from the previous group is that the multiplier for each game is set separately. It is randomly selected and can range from 1x to 10x. An example of a slot machine with such a bonus is the Mythic Maiden game.
  • Selecting symbols from a list with possible bonus symbols
  • The player selects bonus symbols from the list. A certain amount of credits is hidden under each symbol. There is also a choice of bonus symbols. They can contain protection against one loss (choosing a “bad” symbol), a multiplier for the entire win, or an additional win to all subsequently selected symbols. An example of such a bonus game could be the Crime Scene emulator.

Bonus game with continuation of the previous one

In some games, all bonus rounds are combined into one. For example, you won a bonus game and scored the right amount of points. After three bonus games, the 4th game will be with an improved wild symbol or fewer simultaneously displayed symbols. Such a policy encourages the player to continue the game, since the memory of the device is not eternal. An example of this kind of bonuses can be Microgaming slot machines – Avalon2 and Thunderstruck2.

Bonus games one after another with the main prize for winning

In the newest slot machines, which were released in 2017, there is such a thing as bonuses one after another. Here is an example with an Aliens video slot. If you get to the second level of the bonus game, then after it you can get to the third level.

After passing it, you will receive the main prize. If you are unlucky at any of the levels– you roll back to the first one.

  • Where to play for Ukraine and Russia
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