How to withdraw money from slot machines

Play slot machines with real money withdrawal

By playing different slot machines with money withdrawal, online casino visitors can play for real money. In reputable gambling establishments, there are no problems with withdrawing funds. To receive the amounts won, guests of gambling clubs can use Visa/MasterCard bank cards (Sberbank, Promsvyazbank, etc.), as well as various types of payment services:

  • Webmoney virtual accounts;
  • Yandex service.Money;
  • Qiwi wallets;
  • Neteller system;
  • Scrill payments;
  • Interkass transfers;
  • LiqPay portal;
  • PayPal system;
  • Alpha Click;
  • and others .
  • A wide range of features allows players to choose the most convenient and affordable systems for operational
  • calculations and cash withdrawal.

Withdrawal of money from slot machines to a Visa/Mastercard card
Most of the reliable and proven online casinos offer their visitors settlement transactions using Visa or Mastercard bank cards. They allow you to play slot sweet bonanza machines for money, top up your deposit account or withdraw winnings from a virtual gaming club. Many gambling establishments that provide such services provide the transfer of funds from the card, with instant deposit.

With the payment of winnings earned on slot machines via cards, the situation is somewhat different. There are not many casinos that promptly work with the withdrawal of funds to the bank card. Gambling clubs cannot provide the same high-speed money transfer with a quick withdrawal to payment cards due to technological reasons. Banking institutions are very strict about checking the sources of receipt of funds to their customers’ cards.

If you are going to use bank cards to transfer funds, you need to take into account that:

Not all banks allow settlements with online casinos, betting companies or poker rooms using payment cards.
To perform an operation to transfer winnings to

Mastercard or Visa many of them require confirmation of the legality of the income received and payment of the corresponding tax deductions.
As a rule, the terms for transferring funds from an online casino to Visa or Mastercard cards are from 3 to 4 working days.
Some online casinos charge higher fees when withdrawing money to bank cards, because for them such withdrawal of funds is more difficult from the technical side.

Intending to carry out an operation with the withdrawal of money from the casino to Visa cards/Mastercard, players will have to pass an additional check: send scans of cards and supporting documents.

How to withdraw the won funds to the Sberbank card?

Sberbank is the most affordable and largest banking institution in Russia.

To carry out an operation with the withdrawal of funds from the casino to the card of this financial institution, you need to understand that the payments that arrive at the accounts of this state bank will be transparent to the tax authorities. When transferring money through the Savings Bank, you need to consider this option as an extreme way of cashing out winnings.

To withdraw, you only need to enter the “Checkout” menu and select “Sberbank cards” in the list of funds for withdrawal. Using the convenient online tools available on Sberbank’s website, casino customers will be able to easily perform various operations with withdrawal of funds through bank cards, payment for services and financial settlements.

After transferring the winnings from the online casino to the card, the client can immediately use the funds received to make the necessary payments or withdraw cash. If you are going to withdraw winnings to the Sber card, you need to take into account the size of the minimum and maximum limits that are available at the casino and on a specific client card.

Is it profitable to withdraw money through a Kiwi wallet?

Professional gamblers know that you can save on the fees that online casinos charge for transferring funds. For operations with the withdrawal of winnings, some of them use Kiwi wallets. This popular Russian payment system provides prompt replenishment of casino deposits. With its help, you can also transfer money earned in an online casino quickly enough.

Players should remember that when verifying accounts opened in the Qiwi system, the following is used
Russian taxpayer identification number. It is impossible to perform account verification in this service without entering this information. Without such a procedure, the client will be able to make payments in the amount of up to 30,000 rubles per month.

Online casino guests need to take into account that all payments in the Kiwi system are made in rubles. If the payment from the gaming hall is made in another currency, then this service automatically converts to rubles. The amount of commissions when withdrawing funds to Qiwi is very low and is about 1%. The timing of the money transfer depends on the amount of the transferred amount.

How to transfer winnings in slot machines to Webmoney?

For some players, it is more convenient to make payments at the casino, with deposit replenishment and withdrawal of winnings via Webmoney. The money earned on slot machines, guests of virtual Internet clubs will be able to quickly get using Webmoney. To do this, in the “Checkout” section, simply select “Webmoney System” as the means of payment.

Players need to consider that:

Webmoney service still has a relatively small number of online casinos that make payments through it.
Most often, gaming clubs use the services of a third party (invoice) to make payments via Webmoney. This reduces the commission somewhat, but increases the time for money transfers when withdrawing winnings to players’ accounts.
Some online gambling establishments only replenish players’ deposits using the Webmoney online payment service, but do not work with withdrawing funds through it.
High commissions on outgoing transactions do not encourage visitors to gambling halls to use Webmoney for settlements. There are also internal commissions (0.8%) for making payments between the participants of the system itself.
In Ukraine, there are restrictions on the operation of Webmoney.

Features of withdrawal of funds to Yandex Money

Visitors of gambling establishments will be able to use the Yandex e-wallet system to withdraw winnings.Money. Currently, this service is one of the four most common payment systems operating in the territory of the Russian Federation. Choosing this system for making payments with online casinos, fans of excitement can be sure that the transfer to the deposit will be received instantly.

You can play on slot machines and earn real winnings, and then quickly withdraw money from the deposit in the online club. Using Yandex wallets.Money, you need to know:

Payments in the Yandex system are carried out only in

Russian rubles.

When transferring money from the casino in other currencies, auto-conversion occurs.
So far, not all casinos provide their guests with the opportunity to make payments through the Yandex service.Money.
Beginners will appreciate the low minimum deposit offered by online casinos working with Yandex. Usually it is equal to 100-300 rubles, whereas, for example, replenishment of a deposit account through a Visa card requires a transfer of at least 10 USD.

The Yandex system is more focused on players from Russia. It is quite problematic for gamblers from other countries to open an account and a virtual account in it.
The amount of commissions when transferring funds to Yandex from the casino starts from 2%.

Less popular ways to get money
Fans of gambling entertainment can use other methods of obtaining money earned on online casino slot machines. The use of less popular payment systems allows players to successfully solve their tasks, taking into account specific requests and service features in virtual gambling establishments.

The choice of such exotic systems allows players from different countries to successfully use casino services. Some of the services presented in this section are less popular abroad than in Russia. It is easier and more convenient for visitors from these countries to use little-known payment instruments to pay deposits and withdraw winnings from the casino.